Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Ok so each month i will post some of our favorite cakes for the month! I know we are in March, but we are not quite through and still have some exciting cakes to create for this month, so i will post them in a few weeks.
Seeing as we are in our third month of this year already! (how it has just flown) and also being the first real post i will put up a glimpse of what we have already created so far this year!

As well as putting up our most fav cakes, i will randomly post some photos and inspiration behind some of the weddings, showing some of the real weddings and the inspiration that helped us design the cake, and the end result of course!

Xavier's party elmo

Ok so this was done a little bit ago, but thought it would be fitting now, With the whole Alice in Wonderland thing!

Definatly one of my favorites for the month! Inspired from Tiago's invite, i just love this!

Also some of the beautiful weddings....

Well i could sit here all night and add pics, so i will add more of our favorites next week, check in soon for the next update!
Till then.....


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